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Get a Sports Psychology consultation wherever you are - by Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp video call

I realise that you might not be able to get to see me in-person in London for a Sport Psychology appointment. Perhaps you don't live in or near London. The good news is that this is no barrier to getting a Sports Psychology appointment as consultations are available remotely - by Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or telephone call. So wherever you are, you can get a Sports Psychology session remotely over the next few days.


Modern technology really makes the world a smaller and more accessible place. Technology, which we all have in our mobile phone, tablets and computers, allows me to work with sports people across the UK, Europe and the world.


These remote consultations are often a great solution when:


  • An existing client is away at training camps or competition and wants to keep progressing

  • A sportsperson lives too far away or has too many other commitments to visit me in person

  • A sportsperson who lives abroad who wants to access a UK professional who speaks English

  • A sportsperson is injured and cannot get to me easily

Of course, other reasons also exist.

To get help, wherever you are, then get in touch today.

Do remote Sports Psychology consultations work?


In a word, YES.


I have years of experience of conducting sport psychology sessions remotely by Skype, WhatsApp, or telephone. I can tell you that they work. In fact, for some clients, their preference is to stick with remote appointments, even when their circumstances change and the can travel to my consultation rooms. 




This is because they can see me without having the travel stress, cost or time lost if they were to travel to to appointments. They can see me in the comfort of their own home, workplace, hotel... For clients with children, they have less childcare logistics to deal with, if they can stay at home.

To get Sport Psychology help, wherever you are, then get in touch today, whether you are looking for help by Skype, Telephone, in the City of London, or East Dulwich.

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