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Whatever your sport, 

Sports Psychology can help

Since I was first invited to work with an athlete in 2002, I have worked with hundreds of sportspeople - across the full range of amateur, weekend warrior, professional, elite, and those who are trying to be more active, but there is some block. If sport is important to you, then I'm keen to help you to perform better and get more from your sport.

Sports Psychology interventions can help any level of sportsperson, as the principles of psychology, the barriers, problems and solutions are applicable to all people. The actual blend of intervention will vary from athlete to athlete, but solutions exist for all.


In a similar way, the psychological demands, challenges and skills will differ from one sport to another.

In the simplest terms, the effective sports psychology solution will be based on the interplay between:

  • The athlete's characteristics

  • The sporting situation

I have worked with many sports, including the following (if underlined, click for more detail):

In addition, I have helped performers outside sport, such as those in the performing arts: singers, musicians, dancers... where managing one's mind and performance is just as important.

If you could do with some help for your sport then:

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