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Stress management for sport - a Sports Psychology program to stop nerves limiting you in your sport. This is a proven audio program, lasting over an hour.

  1. You will learn about why stress, nerves, anxiety or even panic, can develop in your sport setting. 
  2. Learn how to relax your body. I give you not just one, but three proven techniques in this audio program, to reduce physical tension, to control your body, so you will be able to perform.
  3. You will learn to recognise and squash unhelpful thoughts that are driving your anxiety and stress. You will bring calmness and tranquility to your mind, so you can think in a more helpful way.
  4. You will learn about why some of us have the urge to avoid stressful and anxiety-provoking sports situations, and why this is almost always, the wrong thing to do. Instead, learn how to face up to situations in a progressive and manageable way.

This is a complete anxiety and stress management program for sport, which will teach you proven techniques to conquer nerves, feel better and perform better. Buy now and learn to squash those nerves straight-away. (Download the program anytime over the next 30 days via the download link). Go on, you're worth it. 

Complete stress management for sport

  • This sports stress management audio program is in the mp3 format - arguably the most common and widely available audio format, so you can listen on your computer, mobile phone, tablet etc, whether you have an Apple, Android or other type of device. 

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