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Physical stress management for sport - a Sports Psychology program to help you relax physically for your sports context. 

In this 50-minute audio program, you will learn not just one, but three proven physical relaxation techniques to conquer the physical stress that gets in the way of your performance:

  1. Breath control - an easy to learn technique where you use your breathing to slow things down physically, dampen the body's arousal, become more centred. People have used their breathing to relax for centuries. 
  2. Progressive muscular relaxation - progressively relax your body by tensing and relaxing each area of your body, becoming more physically relaxed.
  3. Release-only relaxation - progressively relax your body by focusing on each area of your body, becoming more physically relaxed. This is a great option if you are prone to cramping or if you have an injury and you don't want to flex or tense-up that area.


In addition, there are a couple of rapid relaxation techniques, based on these 3 longer versions, that can be applied quickly, right when you need to reduce physical tension - such as when you are in competition or facing some other challenge.


The techniques can also be used in the lead-up to a stressful event, to relax, to feel more confident, to get better sleep before an event.


Learn to physically relax, conquer nerves and perform better. Buy now and get the program instantly by download (or anytime over the next 30 days via the download link). Start feeling more relaxed today. 

Physical stress management for sport

  • This physical stress management for sport audio program is in the mp3 format - arguably the most common and widely available audio format, so you can listen on your computer, mobile phone, tablet etc, whether you have an Apple, Android or other type of device. 

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