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Lessons from the England Football Team and the World Cup

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

lessons from England's world cup football campaign

Isn’t it great that the nation is disappointed with losing our in the World Cup semi-final with Croatia?

How did this happen?

What can we learn from the England team’s performance at the World Cup?

  • Gather the best people to help you – the support staff of coaches, physiotherapists, nutritionists … and maybe even a psychologist

  • Build good relationships and cohesion between you and your teammates and support staff

  • Create a plan for how you will improve weaknesses (penalties anyone?) and further improve strengths

  • Believe in

your plan

  • Apply yourself, put the work in

  • Dare to go for it, to do what can make you successful, take some risks

  • Reflect and learn, building on what went well and considering changing what didn’t go well

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